DJ Wats

DJ Wats rose to the top by structuring some of the most creative mixtapes of the early 2000s, most notably "Heavy Income" hosted by Kanye West in 2003 before anyone knew who he (Kanye) was, Born Curtis Watson, the fly youngin grew up with his mother and two sisters in Flatbush's Vanderveer Estates, where at an early age he observed the entrepreneur ways of known hustlers in the area, and implemented it into his music hustle. Wats made quite a name for himself throughout New York during the late '90s and early '00s. He started selling mixtapes on Church Avenue. Shortly after major recording artists and celebs were calling him to release mixtapes with him. With the newly gained industry acknowledgment, Wats began churning out tons of mixtapes hosted by some of the top NYC artists, actors and athletes. That year he and his team King Supreme became marketing directors for Brooklyn's club the Elite Ark. With big earnings coming in, he built his own studio in Brooklyn so that he could fulfill his dreams of being a big-time DJ. He indeed became one of New York's big-time DJs, producing mixtapes hosted by The Game, Diplomats, Nigo of Bape clothing, Pharrell, Slim Thug, Zab Judah, Tim Westwood and countless others. His big break came during 2004 when DJ Kayslay took notice of his grind and signed him to Streetsweepers Entertainment. Not seeing eye to eye on certain projects, Wats started his own marketing company (Bakery Gang). His Bakery mixtapes, which were trademarked by his signature voiceovers, were consequently hot commodities during this era which led to club bookings worldwide. Meanwhile, Wats launched the first ever 24 hour Mixtape chatline, where known industry personnel would call and discuss ideas with the public, and exchange contact information, etc. At the end of 2005, Wats became the head of A&R for Diamond Mind Entertainment; home of recording artist Swaggman. Today Wats runs WATS TV an independent film company, tours all over the world spinning for your favorite artists and is the official DJ for Johnny Cinco & Soulja Boy.