Diablo Flamez

Easily one of the best songwriters to come out of the East Coast, Diablo Flamez set the city of Baltimore on fire a few years ago with his single "Jail Flick".  The song was an ode to the incarcerated and the love of sending pictures from "inside" to their loved ones on the outside.  Backed by a heavy bass kick, a single tambourine, and a heavy guitar lick, "Jail Flick" took the Baltimore airwaves by storm and became the lead single to the Nonesuch/Warner Music Group release The Wire and all the pieces that matter, the official soundtrack to HBO’s groundbreaking show The Wire. Darkroom Productions discovered Diablo some time ago in the streets of Baltimore and have been his production home ever since. Now that Darkroom has formed its own label, it is only right that Diablo is their first artist. After a ton of hard work Diablo is set to realease his creative and innovative EP Duct Tape & Coffee Grounds. The first official single & video for the project is the catchy hood anthem “Titanic”.


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