Rocket Power

Rap Artist Benny Cosmic & Music Producer Cruzer Urameshi join Forces to Deliver you Guys their Album/Mixtape Rocket Power. Looking into the Unknown using what we've learned from the past & using it to Propel into the Future. Benny Cosmic is letting the listeners in on who he is through this wonderful sounding project. With Cruzer Urameshi Producing the whole project it's something you MUST Listen to. Follow The 2 Artist on IG & Twitter @BennyCosmic & @Cruzer3x
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Added 03/11/2018 By TBCruzer

Mixtape Tracks

1 rp intro speech
2 Benny Cosmic - Ghost Rider (Prod. By Cruzer Urameshi)
3 Benny Cosmic - Peace Of Mind ( Feat. Souvagini & Loh Loh) (Prod. By Cruzer Urameshi)
4 Benny Cosmic - Do Me (Prod. By Cruzer Urameshi)
5 Benny Cosmic - Couple Thousand (Prod. By Cruzer Urameshi)
6 Benny Cosmic - Mind Ova Matter (Prod. By Cruzer Urameshi)
7 Benny Cosmic - Xanny Phantom (Prod. By Cruzer Urameshi)
8 Benny Cosmic - Dazed N Confused (Prod. By Cruzer Urameshi)
9 Benny Cosmic - Wifi (Prod. By Cruzer Urameshi)
10 Benny Cosmic - Dont Fear The Reaper (Prod. Blu Majic)
11 Landing..