Yung Spitfire - Trap Global hosted by Rapjuggernaut

Midwest born in the tough streets of Kansas City, Yung Spitfire has taken the world by storm, linking up with Atlanta based studio Street Execs to record his Ep guaranties nothing but hit after hit, the first single Floatin ft. Stuey Rock has been going crazy and the video at Street Execs studios is a must see! Yung Spitfire is not a local or even National based artist he is know WORLDWIDE, from China to South America, to Paris & Italy Spitfire is touring and getting nonstop request to be seen and heard overseas! If you haven’t already link up before its to late and expand your fan base and pocket$ !!!!
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Added 05/13/2017 By teambiggarankin

Mixtape Tracks

1 1.Floatin (feat. Stuey Rock) - Trap Global
2 2.Black Phone - ATL - Trap Global
3 3.In My feelings -Trap Global
4 4.She's Nervous - Trap Global
5 5.Dat Bag - Trap Global
6 6. lemme find out - Trap Global
7 7.Back Pocket - Trap Global
8 8. Spend It - Trap Global